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Integrates Ttalk4Writing Activities

Primary French and Spanish Resources

  • KS2 French and Spanish schemes of work suitable for non linguist teachers
  • Step by step lesson plans with objectives, success criteria and assessments mapped to the new NC and KS2 framework
  • A strong phonics focus and support for non-specialists with sound files and video clips to aid pronunciation
  • Uses Talk4Writing and Kagan co-operative learning methodology to enhance interaction and progress
  • Includes all resources: a work book, videos, PowerPoints, interactive stories, songs, sound files, board games, worksheets and IWB activities (Smartboard and Promethean)
  • Supporting smartphone and tablet apps so children can practise the same language at home

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Scheme Prices

Year 3: £245, Year 4: £260, Year 5: £275, Year 6: £295


The Language Builder App for KS2

Designed to complement the iLanguages Primary scheme of work both in the classroom and at home. Includes sections on vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling and sentence building as well as games designed to improve language proficiency.

FRENCH App Video...

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