Language teaching and learning should be exciting, engaging and meaningful for all ages, genders and abilities.

NEW Y5 French and Spanish Scheme of Work KS3 Literature and Translation packs Higher Foundation Teaching Resources 2018 GCSE

We help teachers to achieve their goals to develop all learners into competent and confident linguists through innovative schemes of work.

Our experience and passion as classroom practitioners is blended with current research and close links with other innovative educationalists to provide you with resources and courses which:

  • Brings language learning alive and motivates all learners.
  • Promotes active learning and independent thinking.
  • Includes varied and authentic materials to avoid dull text book teaching.
  • Ensures that learners make excellent progress.
  • Includes the latest pedagogy and best practice.
  • Takes the leg work out of lesson preparation.
  • Meets current curriculum, awarding body and Ofsted requirements.

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