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Juliet Park Juliet Park is Director MFL for the Share Trust, languages teacher and national MFL consultant supporting schools and academy trusts. She is a successful author of languages resources, experienced examiner and regularly delivers training for awarding bodies and trainee teachers. She is also a specialist for the SSAT in Dylan Wiliam’s formative assessment programme and supports primary and secondary heads to introduce the programme. She is passionate about business language pathways to boost motivation in language learning and boost employability amongst young learners.   


Wendy AdenijiWendy is Principal of Trinity Academy, Doncaster, and a practising MFL teacher, trainer and author of language learning resources used by over 1000 primary schools in the UK and abroad. She previously worked as an Ofsted inspector and supported many schools to prepare for the ‘deep dive’ methodology. She is a speaker and facilitates primary MFL training at universities, the Institute of Education, local authorities and multi-academy trusts.   

About ilanguages

Gone are the days when we have to stick to boring, dry text books and wrap grammar and vocabulary in dull, meaningless topics.

By making the strange familiar and the familiar strange, we can capture the attention and imagination of our students and breathe new life into the learning of languages.


Pupils like to see a purpose to learning, they want to feel they are doing something real and meaningful.

On this website you will find resources and links to websites that will enable you to deliver your lessons a little bit differently and inspire your pupils.

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